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If you are looking for a Professional Services company that can produce your Live Webcast from inception to execution then your search ends here. Webstream Communications is a reputed Livestream broadcaster in the business of live streaming services, equipped to execute any kind of events globally across 93 countries.

Web streaming an event Live is a complex process involving various steps and meticulous planning. There is no second chance when it comes Live Event Streaming, mistakes or poor pre event planning or testing can result in a disaster leading to loss of reputation and goodwill. This is exactly why you need a reliable hands on live streaming broadcaster services company that would understand the stakes involved and produce the live event to perfection.

The Process of Live streaming starts with identifying what kind of network connectivity is available at the main venue. Next a team of live streaming engineers visit the main event site and test out the throughput in the internet line available at the venue. The live engineers measure the upload and download speed of the connection & determine the streaming bit rate at which the live event would be produced. A demo live streaming link is created and is tested out on different devices to ensure smooth transmission of audio video & powerpoint before getting closer to the actual live webstreaming date.

Next the main live webstreaming link is created by uploading the appropriate graphics, banners & logos to the web server. The client is sent the link for review & approval. Once all graphic changes are done the team starts to prepare for the webstreaming event and engages audio visual services from third party vendors.

The Live webstreaming engineers reach the event site at least 6 hours before the event start time to setup the encoders, cameras & audio elements. Multiple things have to be checked in a live streaming production environment. Nothing can be left to assumption. The live audio & camera inputs are taken in to the encoder and the team starts getting ready for actual day live streaming.

Audio & video webstreaming usually is done through media servers whereas the powerpoint, chat, polling, registration functions are done through web servers. Webstream has its own data centres and edge servers across the globe making it a one stop shop Web streaming services and live streaming production company.

Webstream's Webstreaming Services & Platform Include the following:

  • Audio + Video + Powerpoint streaming
  • Polling Services
  • Q&A Services
  • Custom Registration
  • Branding & Designing Services
  • Feedback
  • User Authentication & Security
  • Email Blast Services
  • SMS Blast Services
  • Webcast Receiving Services

If you need any Webstreaming Services for your upcoming Town Hall, Conference or CME, feel free to call us on +91-7718827741 or email us on and a solutions expert shall assist you through the next steps.

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